カテゴリー: FEATURES (English)

Vol.80 Jennifer Batten / December 2017

Jennifer Batten

Photo by Ali Hasbach

The SCHERER/BATTEN project features Marc Scherer, vocalist extraordinaire with a skyscraping clear voice, along with female super guitarist Jennifer Batten, known for working with artists such as Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. SCHERER/BATTEN has just released their album “BattleZone”, produced and written by Jim Peterik, who is also known for his prolific collection of songs including SURVIVOR’s “Eye Of The Tiger” and “Burning Heart” from the Rocky movies.
The SCHERER/BATTEN album displays a great collection of pleasant yet catchy and melodic rock tunes featuring a great vocal performance by Marc Scherer, and Jennifer Batten’s melodic guitar along with a taste of some flashy licks and energetic performances.
Jennifer Batten took some time with MUSE ON MUSE to talk about the new album, and also shared her thoughts about the current music scene, as well as some of her memories with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck.

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Vol.79 Tony MacAlpine / November 2017

Tony MacAlpine

Photo by Michael Mesker

The return of Tony MacAlpine from his serious illness was a wonderful news for his fans in all over the world. He proves who he still is through the long-awaited new album “Death of Roses” which contains 7 brand new recordings. Those dramatic tracks of “Death of Roses” have not only aggressive heaviness, but also beautiful melodies and sounds which were carefully composed by Tony himself who never compromise. This new set showcases his enormous talent as a guitarist and a composer, and his high musical standard.
Tony MacAlpine talked to MUSE ON MUSE about his significant album “Death of Roses” which celebrates his return to the front line of music scene.

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Vol.78 Simon Phillips / October 2017

Simon Phillips

The Super Drummer Simon Phillips has released new album titled “PROTOCOL IV “ which is 4th album under the alias Protocol. Simon teamed up with Greg Howe whose ultra technical guitar play has gained status amongst enthusiasts of Hard Rock & Fusion music and A young and promising keyboard player Dennis Hamm who plays for Thundercat and Ronald Bruner Jr. for this brand new album.
Beautiful guitar melodies played by the new member Greg Howe, following impressive keyboard melodies by Dennis Hamm are the introduction of the new album “PROTOCOL IV”. Its musicality became even deeper and this impressive pieces approach not only their old fans, but also other underground music supporters.
This time, a skilled Japanese drummer Shun Minari interviewed Simon about his new set “PROTOCOL IV”. Shun is active in the front line of supporting artists and recording sessions in Japan, most notably for BLINDMAN,

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Vol.77 KEE OF HEARTS / September 2017


A Collaboration project Kee Of Hearts is comprised of a formerly guitarist of Europe, Kee Marcello who has just provided he is still strongly thriving by his solo album “Scaling Up”, and a singer from Fair Warning that is popular in here Japan as well, Tommy Heart. They finally released their debut album.
In their debut set “Kee Of Hearts”, even though all tracks are produced by mainly Alessandro Del Vencchio and other outsourcing producers, It seemed easy for those originators to translate those tracks to their Kee Of Hearts language undoubtedly by Kee’s emotional, clever guitar that has a great taste, and Tommy’s rich and powerful singing.
This noteworthy piece must captivates not only their own fans, but also all Hard-Rock fans.
MUSE ON MUSE asked Kee and Tommy about their debut album “Kee Of Herts”.

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Vol.76 Vivian Campbell / August 2017

Vivian Campbell

Vivian Campbell is known as a guitar hero who took part in legendary heavy metal and hard rock bands such as Dio and Whitesnake, and currently plays for another world famous rock band, Def Leppard. Vivian has just released a new album titled “California” with Riverdogs, which will be the band’s 4th album, and the first in 6 years.
Riverdogs debuted back in the day with their self titled album and was well received with their blues based hard rock style. The album is still highly praised by many fans to this day. Riverdog’s new album “California” was recorded with the original members of the band, featuring emotional and aggressive guitar performances by Vivian along with the soulful voice of Rob Lamothe. The album definitely has a great rock vibe showcasing a collection of great tunes with catchy hooks.
Vivian took time to talk to MUSE ON MUSE about the “California” album as well as about some of his future plans.

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Vol.75 Quinn Sullivan / July 2017

Quinn Sullivan

Quinn Sullivan is an 18 year old blues guitar player, whose talent has received recognition from blues master Buddy Guy. Quinn started playing the guitar at a very young age and was featured on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” when he was 6. Quinn Sullivan has since shared the stage with big names such as Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Los Lobos, The Roots, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi, Joe Bonamassa, and is considered as one of the most promising young and highly targeted guitar players. Quinn Sullivan has released his 3rd album “Midnight Highway”, produced by Grammy winning producer Tom Hambridge, known for his work with Buddy Guy. “Midnight Highway” not only showcases Quinn Sullivan’s quality guitar performances, but also displays his talents as a singer and songwriter. The collection of fine tunes definitely makes the album a pleaser for the listeners. MUSE ON MUSE asked Quinn Sullivan about his new album “Midnight Highway”.

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Vol.74 Trevor Rabin / June 2017

Trevor Rabin


Following a re-united YES performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, YES FEATURING JON ANDERSON, TREVOR RABIN, RICK WAKEMAN fascinated the audiences during their Japan Tour in April 2017, with a great set list filled with historic YES tunes. The combination of Jon Anderson’s iconic voice, Rick Wakeman’s keyboards binging forth a grandeur world of sound, and Trevor Rabin’s beautiful but powerful guitar performance and vocals not only satisfied the audience, but also left great expectation and anticipation for new material by the outfit. Trevor Rabin talked to MUSE ON MUSE about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, as well as about their recent Japan Tour.

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Vol.73 HAREM SCAREM / May 2017


Harem Scarem continue to fascinate their fans with their 14th and latest studio album “United”, displaying another great collection of melodic hard rock tunes. Their latest album lives up to their fans’ expectations with Pete Lesperance’s superb guitar performance filled with emotion and versatility, along with Harry Hess’ catchy but melancholic vocals. The album is enriched with the trademarks of Harem Scarem and definitely stands out as an album that the fans have been waiting for.
MUSE ON MUSE talked to Pete Lesperance and Harry Hess, along with drummer/vocalist Darren Smith who did not play drums on the album but remains to be an essential part of the Harem Scarem family contributing on background vocal performances for the studio effort.

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Vol.72 Jon Herington / April 2017

Jon Herington

Photo by Jon Gorr

Jon Herington is a NY based producer/singer/writer/guitarist. Herington is known as being the guitarist for Steely Dan since 1999, he has also worked with Boz Scaggs and Madeleine Peyroux. Herington gained support from passionate music enthusiasts here in Japan too. As a solo artist, he has released 6 albums and this brand new album “Adult Entertainment” is an enjoyable album for any fan of his professional guitar work, with its crossover music style that adopts Rock, Jazz and Country in its melodies and arrangements. Jon Herington talked to MUSE ON MUSE about his musical background and his brand new imprint “Adult Entertainment”

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Vol.71 Stevie Salas / March 2017

Stevie Salas

B’z singer Koshi Inaba and Stevie Salas launched the INABA/SALAS project, releasing their critically acclaimed studio album “Chubby Groove”, showcasing a superb collection of music with great quality and originality. The project also set out on the “Chubby Groove Tour 2017”, fascinating fans across Japan and proving their identities as true rock stars. This project has definitely helped Stevie Salas to succeed in obtaining recognition from the Japanese domestic music fans too. Stevie Salas showed a great impact to the rock industry when he debuted in 1990 with the “Stevie Salas Color Code” album, displaying a unique and original sound created by a blend of funk, psychedelic, and hard rock essences. Alongside his solo projects and bands, Stevie Salas has also played for big names such as Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart on tours and recordings. Stevie is also known as the “Idolmaker” with his role in tying up “American Idol” contest winners to the record labels.

Stevie Salas talked to MUSE ON MUSE about his recent tour and recording experiences with the INABA/SALAS project, as well as his involvement in the movie “Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World”.

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