カテゴリー: FEATURES (English)

Vol.135 Carl Verheyen / September 2023

Carl Verheyen

Carl Verheyen’s latest album, “RIVERBOAT SKY,” has been released. His authentic guitar tones, brought to life by his genuine guitar playing, are truly the marks of a master. Of the eight tracks on this album, seven feature vocals, with the remaining track, “APRIL SURPRISE,” being purely instrumental. The core group consists of Carl’s familiar tour band: John Mader on drums, Dave Marotta on bass, and Troy Dexter on keys. Additionally, they’re joined by Jim Cox on keyboards, Chad Wackerman on drums, and Alex Acuna on percussion. Notably, the title track “RIVERBOAT SKY” features a vocal duet between Carl and Sophia James, who is known from the U.S. audition show, American Idol.

With such a strong lineup, this album showcases Carl’s distinctive and comforting vocals and masterful guitar play. Beyond that, it’s enriched with spontaneous improvisations from all the instruments. It’s a well-balanced work that will appeal to fans who love vocal tracks, as well as those who prefer instrumental numbers.

We had a chance to chat with Carl about his latest album, “RIVERBOAT SKY.”

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Vol.134 Michael Thompson / July 2023

Michael Thompson

© Lindsey M. Thompson

Michael Thompson, a well-known session guitarist, boasts an impressive resume packed with collaborations alongside top artists like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, both in the studio and on tour. Not only has he lent his six-string mastery to movie soundtracks, but he has also graced the world with his solo projects, including the critically acclaimed albums ‘The World According To M.T.’ and ‘M.T. Speaks’. These records serve as a testament to Thompson’s artistry, showcasing his astute and ingenious guitar prowess.

Not content with solely pursuing solo endeavors, Thompson has also steered the ship of Michael Thompson Band, delivering three studio albums and a captivating live album. Now, their highly anticipated release, ‘The Love Goes On’, which is just released. This musical offering features the exceptional vocal talents of Moon Calhoun, promising a harmonious blend of their respective strengths.

‘The Love Goes On’ is more than a treat for guitar aficionados; it aims to captivate a diverse audience of music lovers who revel in the sonic landscapes of AOR/Rock. With this album, Michael Thompson and his band are poised to transcend boundaries and make a resonating impact on the music scene.

We had a chat with Michael Thompson himself about the brand new piece “The Love Goes On”

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Vol.133 Martin Miller / May 2023

Martin Miller

Martin Miller, a musician hailing from Germany, has gained a dedicated fanbase worldwide through his online guitar lessons, guitar resources, and his YouTube channel which holds over 700,000 subscribers and more than 120 million views. On his channel, he performs high-quality covers of classic hits from the 70s to 90s alongside the Martin Miller Session Band.
In 2013, Martin released an instrumental album focused on guitar called “The Other End”. Then He released his latest album “Maze of My Mind”, where he not only showcases his guitar skills but also takes on the role of a vocalist. The album, brimming with catchy song melodies and high-level technicality, exhibits a progressive heavy rock genre coloured by sophisticated feeling and sensibility in his guitar work. It doesn’t just flaunt Martin’s charm as a guitarist, but also his overall musical sense as a vocalist, composer, and arranger.
We had a chance to speak with Martin about his latest work, “Maze of My Mind”.

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Vol.132 Mike Keneally / March 2023

Mike Keneally

Photo by Martin Mann

The multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally is known as the guitarist for the late Frank Zappa band, his solo works, contribution for legends like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Devin Townsend and numerous others.
There are quite few multi role players who can sing, play guitar, keyboards, write and produce songs. But not many have exceptional skills to play for legendary artists like Frank Zappa band. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Mike also is a true magician about composing supreme melodies and took listeners to his own musical planet.
Mike recently released his brand new album “The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat”. The album consists of 9 songs and lasts only 42minutes so it is not the most lengthy album he has ever done but they are not average guitar songs, there are full of ideas, characters and pure musical niceness.
We had a chat with Mike Kenearlly himself about his brand new piece “The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat”

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Vol.131 Steve Stevens / January 2023

Steve Stevens

The brand-new EP of Billy Idle “THE CAGE” has been released. Billy’s longtime collaborator Steve Stevens hugely contributed to this record as guitarist and co-songwritter. Steve proved his ability as a Rock guitarist and his developed music taste. He still strongly has an aura which he built up through his career working with many top artists including Michael Jackson.
Steve’s guitar is famous for bigtunes with Billy like “Rebel Yell” and “White Wedding (part 1)” which both milestones in Rock guitar history. No need to mention that he contributed his beautiful and aggressive guitar to “Top Gun Anthem” which is the theme song for the classic film “Top Gun” in 1986. We can watch countless video which young guitarists cover Steve’s tunes on YouTube.
As a solo artist, Steve Stevens has released a Hard-Rock piece “Steve Stevens Atomic Play Boys”, Flamenco guitar project “FLAMENCO.A.GO.GO” and the great Rock guitar instrumental album “Memory Crash”. Those albums speak to all music lovers how Steve is an expert of songwriting, arrangement, production and of course musician.
Muse On Muse had a chat with Steve himself about Billy Idol’s new EP “The Cage”, “Top Gun Anthem” and DynlR product “the Steve Stevens Platinum Collection” on Two Notes.

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Vol.130 Jamie West-Oram / November 2022

Jamie West-Oram

Photo by C. Jansen

There is no need to explain how big the British New Wave Rock movement was. The Fixx was a part of the movement but they had an original style and unique sounds therefore which led cult followers.
The catchy and melancholy vocal of Cy Curnin emphasizes the track produced by Jamie West-Oram. Cy reminds us The Edge from U2 and Andy Summers of the Police. The guitar driven production of The Fixx has had followers not only core intellectual people, but also all music lovers. Their prominent album “Reach the Beach” reached number 8 on Billboard album chart, and the album’s 1st single “One Thing Leads to Another” reached #4 on Billboard Hot 100. They have released the brand new album “Every Five Seconds” which consists of the iconic vocal by Cy, diverse guitar sounds by Jamie and the aesthetic deep musical space made the album all killer, no filler. They demonstrated how creative and evolving they still are.
We had a chat with Jamie West-Oram about his musical background, how he built his signature style, how he met The Fixx, and the brand new piece “Every Five Seconds”

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Vol.129 Supersonic Blues Machine / September 2022

Supersonic Blues Machine

Photo by Enzo Mazzeo

The blues rock project. Supersonic Blues Machine consists of three members, Fabrizio Grossi, Kenny Aronoff and Kris Barras. Fabrizio is not only a bassist of the band, The multi-talented musician writes, produces, arranges and mixes for the band. The veteran drummer Kenny Aronoff is known for numerous works with legends like John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Jon Bon Jovi, Celine Dion to name a few. The gifted British Blues Rock enthusiast Kris is in charge of guitar/lead vocal of the band.
The Blues Rock experts are famous for their signature Blues Rock sound with unique edges which is backed by their skills and vast experiences. Their sprit and passion for their music attracts their fellow musicians and artists like Billy Gibbons, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Walter Trout has worked together for past projects of the band.
Their brand new album “Voodoo Nation” has been released in June, 2022 and the album featured excellent guest guitarists like Sonny Landreth, Kirk Fletcher, Eric Gales, Joe Louis Walker and Ana Popović. The sound of the band is merged together with ones from those collaborators under the Blues Rock spirit.
We had a chat with each members about the new record “Voodoo Nation”.

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Vol.128 Jeff "Skunk" Baxter / July 2022

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter

The legendary guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter is famous for not only taking important role in Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers, but also have been working as music producer, composer and session guitarist for tremendous projects and his contribution to the music industry is invaluable.
Jeff has recently released his first solo album “Speed Of Heat” and the record is filled by straightforward Rock feelings and his guitar with sensitive emotion give a life to instrumental tracks. Rich and musical melodies on this album touch the people who are in various different situation.
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter teamed up with his long musical friend C. J. Vanston and wrote, produced and arranged together. The synergy effect of those 2 of greats brought its sound, arrangement and melodies to the next level. This album is not a solo album of guitarist, it is a masterpiece for all music lovers.
We had a chat with the legend himself about the crucial album “Speed Of Heat”

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Vol.127 Guthrie Govan / June 2022

Guthrie Govan

Photo by Cian O’Sullivan

The dynamic trinity of Rock/Fusion, The Aristcrats consists of guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann. Their collaboration album with Polish orchestra Primuz Chamber Orchestra, “ The Aristocrats With Primuz Chamber Orchestra” has been released recently.
This project started when the band coincidentally found the orchestral version of their song “Culture Crash” arranged by a polish composer/arranger Wojtek Lemański and played by Primuz Chamber Orchestra on YouTube.The fusion between the orchestra and Aristcrats turned out surprisingly great. The orchestra added dynamics and dramatic feelings on the original and it makes us listen to the album deeply. We had a chat about this album and the whole process of this project with the man Guthrie Govan.

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Vol.126 Keith Scott / May 2022

Keith Scott

Keith Scott has been playing guitar for both for gigs and recordings of Brian Adams . His impressive guitar with a Rock spirit is one of key factor to the sound of Bryan Adams. It’s like when you are listening to Bryan, you also are listening to Keith’s melodic guitar. Even though Bryan played most of parts by himself for his latest album “So Happy It Hurts”, which has a strong Rock feeling, but you can hear Keith’s solid guitar on crucial parts of the album. The credit said Keith played his guitar on five songs (lead guitar for 4 and rhythm guitar for one) but Keith himself said he did not play guitar on the title track “So Happy It Hurts”. We had a chat with Keith Scott about the latest piece of Bryan Adams and his surf-music project The Fontanas.

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