カテゴリー: FEATURES (English)

Vol.53 Jay Graydon / October 2015

Jay Graydon

Photo by Denise Marie Luko

Producer and session guitar player Jay Graydon has created countless songs and albums, not only influencing millions of listeners but professional musicians as well. Jay has recently released the “Jay Graydon All Stars 20th Anniversary Edition” DVD featuring the Jay Graydon All Stars shows with Joseph Williams, Steve Porcaro, Bill Champlin, etc. from 1994 to 1996 held in Japan, Sweden and Norway. The new 4-disc DVD also includes footage such as interviews with the All Stars band, a birthday party jam session with Steve Lukather, Jim Cox, Sherwood Ball, an in depth commentary on the guitar solo from Steely Dan’s “Peg”, making the DVD a must for the fans. Jay Graydon took time to talk to MUSE ON MUSE about the DVD, as well as some tips on how to succeed in the industry as a producer and studio guitar player.

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Vol.52 Gustavo Carmo / September 2015

Gustavo Carmo

“Our Lives, 13 Years Later…” released in 2014, is a highly technical and melodic instrumental album featuring a mix of metal and fusion aspects by ex-ANGRA drummer Aquiles Priester and VERSOVER guitarist Gustavo Carmo. Many metal fans may know the name Aquiles Priester, especially with his success as a member of ANGRA, a band widely recognized internationally. But the name Gustavo Carmo may not sound as familiar to many yet? Listen to “Our Lives, 13 Years Later…” and you will hear what Gustavo is all about! The album features guest guitar players such as Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore and Greg Howe. Listening to the album, you will understand that Gustavo Carmo proves to be no less than the highly renowned and technical guest musicians, and deserves equal recognition. Gustavo took time to talk to MUSE ON MUSE in detail about his musical background, about playing guitar and about “Our Lives, 13 Years Later…”

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Vol.51 Sonny Landreth / August 2015

Sonny Landreth

Photo by Robley Dupleix

Sonny Landreth is known for originality on the guitar with his detailed techniques and expressions using the slide bar, along with his dynamic and powerful performance on the instrument. Added to his trademark slide guitar techniques, Sonny also shows a great talent as a singer and songwriter, allowing him to continuously deliver quality music over the years. His new album “Bound By The Blues” is a tribute to his blues heroes, featuring a brilliant mix of blues covers and new originals. Sonny talks to MUSE ON MUSE about his new album.

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Vol.50 Steve Gadd / July 2015

Steve Gadd

Photo by Rob Shanahan

Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea…the list goes on and on for the countless artists Steve Gadd has shared the stage with and recorded for. Steve is definitely one of the best drummers in the world today.
Along with his musical friends Michael Landau (guitar), Larry Goldings (keyboards), Jimmy Johnson (bass), and Walt Fowler (trumpet & flugelhorn), Steve Gadd released a new album titled “70 Strong” commemorating his 70th birthday. The album displays a superb band ensemble by a group of world-class musicians, along with Steve Gadd’s detailed and dynamic drumming.
Steve Gadd talked to MUSE ON MUSE about his new album “70 Strong” and his approaches to drumming.

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Vol.49 Eric Barnett / June 2015

Eric Barnett

American rock instrumental trio POINTS NORTH has released their self titled second album, featuring impressive melodic tunes such as “Northstar” and “Child’s Play”, which is a must for all rock instrumental fans.
POINTS NORTH consists of guitarist Eric Barnett, along with ex-WHITESNAKE bass player Uriah Duffy and drummer Kevin Aiello. The instrumental trio is known for its “melodic guitar-driven instrument music”, as Eric Barnett puts it.
Eric Barnett was a finalist for Guitar Player Magazine’s 2008 Guitar Superstar Competition, judged by well-known players such as Andy Summers from THE POLICE, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Elliot Easton from THE CARS, and George Lynch, in which Eric Barnett’s extraordinary guitar technique was well received by the judges as well as the audience.
Eric Barnett took time to talk to MUSE ON MUSE in depth about his musical background, about how POINTS NORTH was formed, and about the new “Points North” album.

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Vol.48 Tony MacAlpine / May 2015

Tony MacAlpine

Photo by Alex Solca

Guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine has just released his new studio album “Concrete Gardens”. Tony came out in the late 80s as one of the new generation shredding guitar heroes along with Paul Gilbert and Vinnie Moore. Later Tony also went on to take part in the Steve Vai Band, as well as the CAB project with Bunny Brunel and Dennis Chambers, broadening his musicianship and extending his career into a wider field in the music world. His latest studio effort displays a fine collection of tunes including various musical aspects from hard edged to melodic and dramatic, creating an excellent blend of music. The album not only shows Tony’s highly skilled guitar performances, but also proves his high ability of songwriting. MUSE ON MUSE asked Tony MacAlpine about his new album “Concrete Gardens”.

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Vol.47 Simon Phillips & Andy Timmons / May 2015

Simon Phillips & Andy Timmons

Simon Philips, one of the world’s most popular drummers, has fascinated audiences worldwide over the years, performing with countless legends such as Jeff Beck, The Michael Schenker Group, The Who, and also fulfilling duties as the drummer of TOTO after the death of Jeff Porcaro.
Simon not only fascinates the world with his extraordinary drum techniques, but also displays his talent as an established composer, producer and recording engineer in the music industry. Recently, Simon has also built a new fan base in Japan as a member of the Hiromi Uehara Trio Project. Simon also leads a group of top-notch musicians, displaying his excellent techniques on the drums in a collection of some high quality hard fusion/jazz rock tunes. This project is known as PROTOCOL and they have just released their latest studio effort titled “Protocol III”.
MUSE ON MUSE was able to talk to PROTOCOL leader, Simon Philips, as well as guitar player Andy Timmons, who has added an energetic feel to the music with his excellent guitar performances. Check to see what Simon and Andy have to say about “Protocol III”.

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Vol.46 Steve Lukather / April 2015

Steve Lukather

Photo : ©Heather Porcaro

After dis-banding in 2008, TOTO re-united in 2010 for the benefit of the band’s bass player Mike Porcaro, who was diagnosed and battling with ALS. TOTO went on to release a ‘best of’ album titled “IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE 1977-2011” followed by a world tour which was featured in the band’s 2014 release as a live album/DVD titled “35th Anniversary Tour: Live in Poland”.
This year, TOTO released “XIV”, their first studio album in 9 years. Unfortunately, just as the album came out, Mike Porcaro passed away as if he was waiting for the new album to be released. But we know that the band was able to deliver “XIV” to Mike Porcaro, who now rests in heaven with his brother Jeff Porcaro.
TOTO’s “XIV” definitely proves that the band still has the power and energy to create top quality music and to live up to the expectations of their fans. Steve Lukather took time to talk to MUSE ON MUSE about the brand new “XIV” album.

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Vol.45 Carl Verheyen / March 2015

Carl Verheyen

Carl Verheyen is undoubtedly one of LA’s first-call session guitarists. While building up his carrier as a sideman for big-name artists such as Bee Gees, Little Richard and John Fogerty, he has also kept himself busy playing on movie soundtracks including Star Trek and Mission Impossible IV. Over the years, Carl has continued to allure avid music fans with a number of solo albums as well as with his band, Carl Verheyen Band, in the U.S. and Europe.

Carl’s recent release, “Alone” marks his second solo acoustic album following the release of “Guitar Improvisations” that came out in 2001. With much intricacy and intimacy, Carl continues to explore his pursuit on an acoustic guitar by covering the pieces that have inspired him all these years. The unique-yet-beautifully-arranged “Last Train Home” (Pat Metheny) or “Mercy Street” (Peter Gabriel) will surely satisfy all of those who have waited long enough for the album to come out.
Muse On Muse asked Carl on the album ”Alone” in depth, not to mention the secrets behind his one-of-a-kind acoustic guitar playing.

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Vol.44 Eric Johnson & Mike Stern / February 2015

Eric Johnson & Mike Stern

Photo by Max Crace

Eric Johnson and Mike Stern are definitely two top-notch musicians with musical talent and originality. They are also iconic guitarists that many look up to. The album “Eclectic” was created by these two icons, and have fascinated countless music fans around the globe. The album features not only quality performances by two top-notch guitar players in the industry, but the music also displays the artists’ comprehensive strengths in every aspect of music, which can only be done by artists with experience. MUSE ON MUSE asked Eric and Mike about their new “Eclectic” album.

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