カテゴリー: FEATURES (English)

Vol.123 Dom Brown / July 2021

Dom Brown

Photo by Andy Ciparis

Dom Brown is a UK based guitarist, song-writer and producer, who is known for the work with big name Duran Duran. Dom joined forth with the band’s world tour for four times, their recording for 3 full albums and he co-wrote over 20 songs with the crew on “All You Need Is Now” and “Paper Gods”. The talent has released his new solo album “In My Bones” and has proven his skill as a multi-player who writes, arranges, produces and plays guitar and other instruments. All tracks on the album are top-notch and it has a potential to reach wide variety of music fans. We had a chat with Dom Brown himself about his musical background and new solo album “In My Bones”.

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Vol.122 Jeff Kollman / June 2021

Jeff Kollman

Jeff Kollman has released his new album “East Of Heaven”. All of songs on this album are instrumental and the album completely differs from average Rock guitar instrumental album due to its cinematic soundscape and emotions. The album strikes listeners with warm and musical feelings. The beautiful sounds and atmosphere of the album are generated by the maestro, using his rich sounding acoustic guitar and driven electric guitar with appropriate amount of dynamics and sound effects.
We had a chat with Jeff Kollman himself about the great new album “East Of Heaven”

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Vol.121 Carl Verheyen / May 2021

Carl Verheyen

Carl Verheyen is well known as not only a guitarist of the British Rock band SUPERTRAMP, but also his works for many TV programs, films and numerous studio works in Los Angels. He has released his new solo album “Sundial” which contains various type of tunes from Rock to Funk to Ska to soulful ballad to Afro-Pop. The album starts a up-tempo yet soothing title track “Sundial”. It goes to Afro-Pop inspired ”Kaningie”. “Garfunkel (it Was All Too Real)” is all about how he met Art Garfunkel in an unbelievable occasion. “Spiral Glide” is a tribute song to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. These rich musical tracks are fulfilled by Carl’s deep yet pleasant voice and dynamic yet technical guitar sounds/play and the whole piece became a supreme Rock album for adult. We spoke to Carl Verheyen himself about this masterpiece “Sundial”

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Vol.120 Corrado Rustici / April 2021

Corrado Rustici

A guitar legend Corrado Rustici, who is known as a member of the Italian Progressive band in 70s Cervello and the Jazz Rock band Nova, has released his solo instrumental album “Interfulgent”He also is famous for contribution to other musical giants. Phil Collins, Allan Holdsworth, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis to name a few. Works he has done in his brilliant career over the past 40 years made him one of the most successful producers from Italy. We had a chat with Corrado Rustici himself about the brand new album “Interfulgent”

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Vol.119 Steve Lukather / March 2021

Steve Lukather

Photo by Alex Solca

Steve Lukather has released his long-awaited solo album “I Found The Sun Again”. His Toto colleague Joseph Williams also released his solo album “Denizen Tenant” at the same time and David Paich has worked for both albums so this album can be considered as a product of TOTO with current members in a way.
“I Found The Sun Again” featured his family musicians like Gregg Bissonette on drums, Jeff Babko on keys, Jorgen Carlsson and John Pearse on Bass and those real musicians delivered fantastic performance which never bores us. There are also catchy melodic tunes like “Run To Me” which Ringo Starr played drums therefore the whole album can reach from casual Rock&Pops listners to Real music players/fans.
We had a chat with Steve Lukather himself about the striking new album “I Found The Sun Again”

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Vol.118 Stevie Salas / February 2021

Stevie Salas

Photo by Framus

Stevie Salas is well known among Japanese music fans for the project INABA/SALAS with Koshi Inaba from B’z. The Japanese edition of his book “When We Were the Boys: Coming of Age on Rod Stewart’s Out of Order Tour”, which was originally released in US in 2014, was out now and the book contains full of interesting episodes in his career from his tour to auditions to works for Rod Stewart and it is not only for Stevie Salas supporters, but also for Rod Stewart and Rock fans. We had a chat with Stevie himself about the book, his music production and Japanese musicians in world-wide Rock market.

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Vol.117 Oz Noy / January 2021

Oz Noy

Photo by Yossi Zwecker

Oz Noy has released his new 11th album “Snapdragon”. The album featured incredible rhythm section (Will Lee, John Patitucci and James Genus as bassists, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and Dennis Chambers as drummers ). Oz also also teamed up Wallace Roney who passed away from covid-19 on 31st March 2020 and John Sneider as trumpet players, Chris Potter did a soprano sax and Adam Rodgers played guitar. All elements from those great musicians simply worked well together in the original Oz world. We had a chat with Oz Noy himself about the new album “Snapdragon” which excites us with real live feeling and great performance from music experts.

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Vol.116 BLINDMAN / December 2020


BLINDMAN, Japan’s leading melodic Hard Rock band, released their 11th studio album “EXPANSION”. Their melodic gems and unique style are still heard in a excellent form on this crucial album. This is their 3rd studio album with current line-up since Ray (Vocal) and Shun Minari (Drum) joined the band. Tatsuya Nakamura has again proved his talent as a composer, melody-maker and of course a guitarist and produced wider style of music while keeping their signature melodic Hard-Rock style. Ray and Shun Minari gave synergetic effect and BLINDMAN’s music went deep, also contribution by Tatsuya Toda (Bass) and Hiroki Matsui (Keyboards) are excellent in terms of keeping their music in BLINDMAN fashion. We had a chat with all of the band members about this new album “EXPANTION” which is surely going to impress not only their fans, but also wider range of music lovers.

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Vol.115 Reb Beach / November 2020

Reb Beach

Photo by Brian Kaldorf Photography

Reb Beach developed his remarkable guitar techniques through his early career of being a studio musician for many big names. Since his debut for Winger in 1988, Reb gained his name as a promising guitar hero for next generation by his story-telling guitar play and signature phrasing which emphasize tracks largely. Then he joined bands/projects like Dokken, Whitesnake and his main band Winger. Reb has recently released Fusion Rock instrumental album “View From The Inside” which displays from a hypnotically catchy tracks to 70s style Fusion tracks to improvised tunes. His fans won’t ever be bored by Reb’s musicianship and the power of guitar through the musical journey which this record delivers in a beautiful way. Muse On Muse had a chat with Reb himself about his crucial Fusion Rock album “ View From The Inside”.

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Vol.114 Bill Leverty / October 2020

Bill Leverty

The early era of the band FireHouse was massively supported by a Rock giant Jon Bon Jovi. Their self titled debut album “FireHouse” consists of hit songs like “Love of a Lifetime”, “Don’t Treat Me Bad” and “All She Wrote”. Its catchy yet melodic sounds caught fire across the nation and it resulted in the current success of the band. Bill Leverty is the guitarist who has been playing a significant role of the band and has incredible skills to play impressive guitar riffs, solos with dramatic structure and flashy yet catchy phrases. Bill has released his solo album “Divide We Fall” which can reach not only FireHouse fans, but also all Rock lovers. We had a chat with Bill Leverty himself about the crucial Rock album “Divide We Fall”

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