カテゴリー: FEATURES (English)

Vol.128 Jeff "Skunk" Baxter / July 2022

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter

The legendary guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter is famous for not only taking important role in Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers, but also have been working as music producer, composer and session guitarist for tremendous projects and his contribution to the music industry is invaluable.
Jeff has recently released his first solo album “Speed Of Heat” and the record is filled by straightforward Rock feelings and his guitar with sensitive emotion give a life to instrumental tracks. Rich and musical melodies on this album touch the people who are in various different situation.
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter teamed up with his long musical friend C. J. Vanston and wrote, produced and arranged together. The synergy effect of those 2 of greats brought its sound, arrangement and melodies to the next level. This album is not a solo album of guitarist, it is a masterpiece for all music lovers.
We had a chat with the legend himself about the crucial album “Speed Of Heat”

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Vol.127 Guthrie Govan / June 2022

Guthrie Govan

Photo by Cian O’Sullivan

The dynamic trinity of Rock/Fusion, The Aristcrats consists of guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann. Their collaboration album with Polish orchestra Primuz Chamber Orchestra, “ The Aristocrats With Primuz Chamber Orchestra” has been released recently.
This project started when the band coincidentally found the orchestral version of their song “Culture Crash” arranged by a polish composer/arranger Wojtek Lemański and played by Primuz Chamber Orchestra on YouTube.The fusion between the orchestra and Aristcrats turned out surprisingly great. The orchestra added dynamics and dramatic feelings on the original and it makes us listen to the album deeply. We had a chat about this album and the whole process of this project with the man Guthrie Govan.

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Vol.126 Keith Scott / May 2022

Keith Scott

Keith Scott has been playing guitar for both for gigs and recordings of Brian Adams . His impressive guitar with a Rock spirit is one of key factor to the sound of Bryan Adams. It’s like when you are listening to Bryan, you also are listening to Keith’s melodic guitar. Even though Bryan played most of parts by himself for his latest album “So Happy It Hurts”, which has a strong Rock feeling, but you can hear Keith’s solid guitar on crucial parts of the album. The credit said Keith played his guitar on five songs (lead guitar for 4 and rhythm guitar for one) but Keith himself said he did not play guitar on the title track “So Happy It Hurts”. We had a chat with Keith Scott about the latest piece of Bryan Adams and his surf-music project The Fontanas.

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Vol.125 Simon Phillips / March 2022

Simon Phillips

Photo ©Stephanie Cabral

Simon Phillips, one of the best Rock drummers has been working with legendary musicians, Jeff Beck, Michael Schenker, The Who, to name a few. No need to mention his brilliant works for the band TOTO.
Simon is not only the top level drummer, but also a top notch music creator who is enthusiastic about his project Protocol and makes use of his enormous talent for it.
The new Protocol consists of Simon Phillips (Drum), Alex Sill (Gtr), Jacob Scesney (Sax), Otomaro Ruiz (Key) and Ernest Tibbs (Bass). Each player contributed with their own style and colour to the new album which strikes Protocol fans with pure musical magic.
Also Alex Sill, who took over the guitar role from masters, Andy Timmons and Greg Howe, should be in the spotlight. He played his guitar differently from his predecessors wit his own clever and thrilling style and emphasized the power of Protocol.
We had a chat with Simon Phillips about the brand new 5th album of Prtocol, “Protocol V”.

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Vol.124 Robben Ford / January 2022

Robben Ford

Photo by Mascha Photography

Robben Ford is well known for his sophisticated play style, production skill, and precise dynamics when he is on it. No need to mention that he has been supported by hardcore listeners and guitar enthusiasts. He has released a new instrumental album “Pure” since his last inst piece “Tiger Walk”.
He had to change his usual production procedure because of the pandemic. Co-producer, Casey Wasner and Robben started writing songs together then got Bassists/Drummers replaced their parts. Fortunately, to do this, He perfectly managed to control quality of production which is the most important thing for him. This brand new album fascinates us with his rich guitar tones and border-crossing tracks.
We had a chat with Robben Ford himself for the latest record “Pure”.

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Vol.123 Dom Brown / July 2021

Dom Brown

Photo by Andy Ciparis

Dom Brown is a UK based guitarist, song-writer and producer, who is known for the work with big name Duran Duran. Dom joined forth with the band’s world tour for four times, their recording for 3 full albums and he co-wrote over 20 songs with the crew on “All You Need Is Now” and “Paper Gods”. The talent has released his new solo album “In My Bones” and has proven his skill as a multi-player who writes, arranges, produces and plays guitar and other instruments. All tracks on the album are top-notch and it has a potential to reach wide variety of music fans. We had a chat with Dom Brown himself about his musical background and new solo album “In My Bones”.

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Vol.122 Jeff Kollman / June 2021

Jeff Kollman

Jeff Kollman has released his new album “East Of Heaven”. All of songs on this album are instrumental and the album completely differs from average Rock guitar instrumental album due to its cinematic soundscape and emotions. The album strikes listeners with warm and musical feelings. The beautiful sounds and atmosphere of the album are generated by the maestro, using his rich sounding acoustic guitar and driven electric guitar with appropriate amount of dynamics and sound effects.
We had a chat with Jeff Kollman himself about the great new album “East Of Heaven”

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Vol.121 Carl Verheyen / May 2021

Carl Verheyen

Carl Verheyen is well known as not only a guitarist of the British Rock band SUPERTRAMP, but also his works for many TV programs, films and numerous studio works in Los Angels. He has released his new solo album “Sundial” which contains various type of tunes from Rock to Funk to Ska to soulful ballad to Afro-Pop. The album starts a up-tempo yet soothing title track “Sundial”. It goes to Afro-Pop inspired ”Kaningie”. “Garfunkel (it Was All Too Real)” is all about how he met Art Garfunkel in an unbelievable occasion. “Spiral Glide” is a tribute song to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. These rich musical tracks are fulfilled by Carl’s deep yet pleasant voice and dynamic yet technical guitar sounds/play and the whole piece became a supreme Rock album for adult. We spoke to Carl Verheyen himself about this masterpiece “Sundial”

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Vol.120 Corrado Rustici / April 2021

Corrado Rustici

A guitar legend Corrado Rustici, who is known as a member of the Italian Progressive band in 70s Cervello and the Jazz Rock band Nova, has released his solo instrumental album “Interfulgent”He also is famous for contribution to other musical giants. Phil Collins, Allan Holdsworth, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis to name a few. Works he has done in his brilliant career over the past 40 years made him one of the most successful producers from Italy. We had a chat with Corrado Rustici himself about the brand new album “Interfulgent”

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Vol.119 Steve Lukather / March 2021

Steve Lukather

Photo by Alex Solca

Steve Lukather has released his long-awaited solo album “I Found The Sun Again”. His Toto colleague Joseph Williams also released his solo album “Denizen Tenant” at the same time and David Paich has worked for both albums so this album can be considered as a product of TOTO with current members in a way.
“I Found The Sun Again” featured his family musicians like Gregg Bissonette on drums, Jeff Babko on keys, Jorgen Carlsson and John Pearse on Bass and those real musicians delivered fantastic performance which never bores us. There are also catchy melodic tunes like “Run To Me” which Ringo Starr played drums therefore the whole album can reach from casual Rock&Pops listners to Real music players/fans.
We had a chat with Steve Lukather himself about the striking new album “I Found The Sun Again”

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