Vol.8 The return of TREAT

#1 Interview

2013年に活動休止を発表したスウェーデンのメロディックHRバンドTREAT。活動休止であったはずのバンドが今年の1月に行われたクラブチッタ川崎主催のKAWASAKI ROCK CITY Vol.3への出演が発表され、なんと25年振りの来日が実現!
そして、その新たなる希望に向けてMUSE ON MUSEもTREATをサポート!TREATの完全復活と再来日を願い特集企画ページ「The return of TREAT」をオープン!第一回は音楽ライター奥村裕司氏によるインタビュー!今年1月に行われた25年ぶりの来日と今後についてメンバーが語った。

Swedish melodic hard rockers TREAT made their return to Japan, 25 years after their last tour back in the 90s. Joining headliner EUROPE, the band took part in the 3rd KAWASAKI ROCK CITY event held at the renowned Club Citta Kawasaki in January 2015.
TREAT released what their latest studio album “Coup de Grace” in 2010 before announcing in 2013 that the band would be taking a break from any live or studio activities for the time being. Knowing that the band was inactive, it was a pleasant surprise for the Japanese fans to find TREAT on the bill for the KAWASAKI ROCK CITY event.
TREAT was very well received by their long awaiting Japanese fans, performing a magnificent set list of their hit songs, proving that the band is still alive and kicking. Fans are anxious as to what TREAT plans to do after their successful Japan tour. Check out what they have to say!!