Music Columns

I woke up this morning in Austin Texas thinking about a weird old song that was a pop hit called in the 80s called Jesse’s Girl by a guy named Rick Springfield.I wasn’t really thinking about Rick OR the song but I was thinking about the amazing melodic rock solo on the song by the GREAT but not talked about guitar player Neil Giraldo. Read more music columns written by Stevie Salas


Hello Japan, I just got off the road from a tour over in England in support of my new single “Gypsy Woman’s Got the Groove” feat. The guitar great Eric Johnson, and wanted to say a few things about me that you may not know. Read more music columns written by Reagan Browne


Choosing the right equipment..and ones that got away. In the beginning of my invitations into recording sessions, I had very little in the way of gear choices to bring along with me to the recording studio..My main electric guitar was a 1976 Fender Stratocaster with a maple neck which I had butchered to varying levels of distress and I had a 100 watt Hiwatt stack as a main amp..  Read more music columns written by Keith Scott


Hi everyone, it’s Luca Princiotta, guitarist of the german band DORO, leaded by the legendary singer Doro Pesch, and guitarist of Clairvoyants and now Luca Princiotta Band. Read more music columns written by Luca Princiotta


Hi this is Philip Bynoe, bassist for the Steve Vai band. For those of you unfamiliar with me, I’ve been to Japan with a number of artists over the past 23 years.  Read more music columns written by Philip Bynoe


Hi to all my fans in Japan and to all the fans of Muse On Muse, I’m very happy and honored to join this great list of musicians sharing our ideas and passion for music. I will be showing you how I write a song and share my guitar tips over the next year.  Read more music columns written by Gary Hoey


To me, vibrato has always been one of the most important and distinguishing signatures of all of my favorite guitarists.  Read more music columns written by Philip Sayce