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Keith Scott

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Bryan Adams’s live album ‘LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL’, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2022, has been released. This work features live performances of every track from three studio albums: ‘CUTS LIKE A KNIFE’, ‘INTO THE FIRE’, and ‘WAKING UP THE NEIGHBOURS’, both audio and video recordings are included. In this live work, Bryan’s numerous classic songs still radiate power and brilliance without fading, and the wonderful and solid combination of Bryan and his close friend, guitarist Keith Scott, is proven to be intact. Keith Scott, a guitar master who beautifully accentuates Bryan’s music with his soulful guitar playing, speaks about their brand new album with Muse on Muse.

Interview / Text  Mamoru Moriyama
Translation         Hiroshi Takakura

Photo ©Mike Blake

Muse On Muse : In March 2023, Bryan Adams held a concert in Japan, his first one since January 2017. How was it returning to perform in Japan after such a long time?
Keith Scott : After so many years away from Japan, it was nice to return and be so well received once again . I believe it was our 10th visit to Japan since 1983.

MM : In December, Bryan Adams’ live recording ‘LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL’ was released, which was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK. The booklet included in the box reads ‘BRYAN ADAMS LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2022’, but can you tell us the exact date when it was recorded?
KS :  The actual 3 shows went from May 9-11 2022. Rehearsals for the 3 nights were done the week prior in Copenhagen Denmark.

MM : This album features live performances of every track from three albums: ‘CUTS LIKE A KNIFE,’ ‘INTO THE FIRE,’ and ‘WAKING UP THE NEIGHBOURS.’ I imagine that there are some tracks from these albums that are not typically played live. How did you go about preparing to perform every song from these albums?
KS : For Bryan and I, we both had been part of the original recordings so it was mostly reacquainting ourselves with which parts to play on the guitars and the singing roles .
The other newer band members had to research the material a lot and I think it was a lot of work for them to remember every little detail But in the end they did so well!

MM : The ‘WAKING UP THE NEIGHBOURS’ live recording was captured with an audience present, but the live recordings for ‘CUTS LIKE A KNIFE’ and ‘INTO THE FIRE’ were done on an empty stage without an audience. Could you explain the reason for recording these two albums without a live crowd?
KS : I believe Bryan wanted a much more varied video setting so rather than just the stage view he used the theater floor plus it would have been too much work to set up the cameras with the equipment on the stage .. that is my thought .

MM : When we met during your 2023 tour in Japan, you mentioned wanting to simplify your guitar equipment for live performances, reducing the complexity of pedals and amplifiers, and leaning towards using technology like Fractal for maintenance and troubleshooting reasons. Could you elaborate on this approach?
KS : The idea of using tube amps and the associated weight of cases and maintenance was becoming a burden so when we were given the chance to try the Fractal units they were impressive in their sound and ease of use. We continue to use them. Live to this day.

MM : Could you share details about the equipment you used for ‘LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL’
KS : At the time of rehearsals and the actual RAH shows I was still using my main tube amp set up which was mostly, a Roy Blankenship 50 watt plexi clone “ Marshall” style head into a remote cabinet with a 80 watt Celestion speaker , and Vox AC30 amp head Chinese made ,
Into a lower wattage single 12 inch Bulldog speaker again in a remote cabinet . The two amps were combined with a direct line to the front of house sound console which we added a bit of the Pro Tools based “Eleven” plug in up to the front of house audio person’s discretion .
In front of the amps was my usual Bradshaw pedal board rack system . Using mostly a Ibanez ts9 Tube Screamer and Lovetone Brown Source booster
Along with boss delays and chorus effects .

MM : This time you recorded live performances of three albums: ‘CUTS LIKE A KNIFE,’ ‘INTO THE FIRE,’ and ‘WAKING UP THE NEIGHBOURS.’ However, Bryan Adams’ iconic album ‘RECKLESS’ was not included. Could you explain the reason behind this decision?
KS : I’m thinking he will save this idea for a later situation. ?

Photo ©Mike Blake

MM : Could you reflect on the recording of the albums ‘CUTS LIKE A KNIFE’ (1983), ‘INTO THE FIRE’ (1987), and ‘WAKING UP THE NEIGHBOURS’ (1991), and share any particularly memorable moments from those sessions?
KS : Well, each one was a totally different experience , and that adds to the personal memories of each recording .
For example, “Cuts like a knife was my very first record session with Bryan and Bob Clearmountain plus the extra musicians Mickey Curry and Tom Mandell. So a new exciting setting for me and going to New York for the first time to complete the recordings in the fall of 1982 .

“Into the fire “ was again different in that nearly all the tracks were done at Bryans residence in West Vancouver in the summer of 1986 where he had set up the house to record in with a console in the lower part of the house . Plus musically I was very invested in that project .

“ Waking up the Neighbors”
Was again unique in that it was the first recording done with Robert John Mutt Lange . He also had a studio in his residence in South London U.K. And we also recorded at a studio in north London “ Battery” studios .

So, each session was a unique experience for me in every way.

MM : By the way, how is the production of your surf music project, ‘THE FONTANAS,’ coming along?
KS : Thank you for asking! The newest Fontanas release is scheduled to drop early this year possibly February .

MM : Please tell us your upcoming plans.
KS : My new year will be mostly on tour again with Bryan Adams as the Kick Ass tour continues.
We also have plans to record with video, three more records in early may at Royal Albert Hall, much like the last three.

MM : Please leave a message to your fans.
KS : Thank you to all the fans in Japan and everywhere !
We appreciate your life long support and hope to re visit your amazing country again soon!

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