カテゴリー: FEATURES (English)

Vol.117 Oz Noy / January 2021

Oz Noy

Photo by Yossi Zwecker

Oz Noy has released his new 11th album “Snapdragon”. The album featured incredible rhythm section (Will Lee, John Patitucci and James Genus as bassists, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and Dennis Chambers as drummers ). Oz also also teamed up Wallace Roney who passed away from covid-19 on 31st March 2020 and John Sneider as trumpet players, Chris Potter did a soprano sax and Adam Rodgers played guitar. All elements from those great musicians simply worked well together in the original Oz world. We had a chat with Oz Noy himself about the new album “Snapdragon” which excites us with real live feeling and great performance from music experts.

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Vol.116 BLINDMAN / December 2020


BLINDMAN, Japan’s leading melodic Hard Rock band, released their 11th studio album “EXPANSION”. Their melodic gems and unique style are still heard in a excellent form on this crucial album. This is their 3rd studio album with current line-up since Ray (Vocal) and Shun Minari (Drum) joined the band. Tatsuya Nakamura has again proved his talent as a composer, melody-maker and of course a guitarist and produced wider style of music while keeping their signature melodic Hard-Rock style. Ray and Shun Minari gave synergetic effect and BLINDMAN’s music went deep, also contribution by Tatsuya Toda (Bass) and Hiroki Matsui (Keyboards) are excellent in terms of keeping their music in BLINDMAN fashion. We had a chat with all of the band members about this new album “EXPANTION” which is surely going to impress not only their fans, but also wider range of music lovers.

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Vol.115 Reb Beach / November 2020

Reb Beach

Photo by Brian Kaldorf Photography

Reb Beach developed his remarkable guitar techniques through his early career of being a studio musician for many big names. Since his debut for Winger in 1988, Reb gained his name as a promising guitar hero for next generation by his story-telling guitar play and signature phrasing which emphasize tracks largely. Then he joined bands/projects like Dokken, Whitesnake and his main band Winger. Reb has recently released Fusion Rock instrumental album “View From The Inside” which displays from a hypnotically catchy tracks to 70s style Fusion tracks to improvised tunes. His fans won’t ever be bored by Reb’s musicianship and the power of guitar through the musical journey which this record delivers in a beautiful way. Muse On Muse had a chat with Reb himself about his crucial Fusion Rock album “ View From The Inside”.

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Vol.114 Bill Leverty / October 2020

Bill Leverty

The early era of the band FireHouse was massively supported by a Rock giant Jon Bon Jovi. Their self titled debut album “FireHouse” consists of hit songs like “Love of a Lifetime”, “Don’t Treat Me Bad” and “All She Wrote”. Its catchy yet melodic sounds caught fire across the nation and it resulted in the current success of the band. Bill Leverty is the guitarist who has been playing a significant role of the band and has incredible skills to play impressive guitar riffs, solos with dramatic structure and flashy yet catchy phrases. Bill has released his solo album “Divide We Fall” which can reach not only FireHouse fans, but also all Rock lovers. We had a chat with Bill Leverty himself about the crucial Rock album “Divide We Fall”

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Vol.113 Gustavo Carmo / September 2020

Gustavo Carmo

Gustavo Carmo is known for the Metal/Rock/Fusion album “Our Lives, 13 Years Later…” with an ex-drummer of Angra, Aquiles Priester. On that record, Gustavo has proven his skill with conviction alongside guest guitarists like Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore and Greg Howe. He teamed up with Brian Tichy on drum, Rudy Sarzo on bass, and Derek Sherinian on keyboards and released his first solo instrumental EP “On and Off” which has full of shred guitar. We had a chat with the emerging Brazilian Guitarist Gustavo Carmo, who has not only tasteful guitar technics, but also exceptional song-writing abilities, about the brand new EP “On and Off”

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Vol.112 Michael Landau / August 2020

Michael Landau

Photo by Austin Hargrave

Michel Landau has released his live album “Liquid Quartet Live” which was recorded at Baked Potato Jazz Club in November 2019. The fantastic live album contains true live feeling and full vibes by four of real musicians, Michael Landau(guitar), Abe Laboriel Jr.(drums), Jimmie Johnson(bass) and David Frazee(vocals, guitar). We had a chat to Michael Laundau, who has been treated with respects from underground music lovers to professional guitarists by his expressive and dynamic play and excellent guitar sounds, about the album “Liquid Quartet Live”.

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Vol.111 Randy McStine / July 2020

Randy McStine

McStine & Minnemann consists of Marco Minneman and Randy McStine. Marco not only is known for a drummer of super-technical band The Aristocrats, but also does drums, guitar, keyboard and production. Randy also is a brilliant multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer whose music spans wide spectrum of genres and he formed LO-FI RESISTANCE and Fringe alongside his long solo career from his teenage years.

Their debut album “McStine & Minnemann” exhibits their original style which is rock-based catchy music with some kind of phenomenon and it lures us into their unique world and make us listen to the album over and over again. We had a chat with Randy McStine about their striking new album.

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Vol.110 Bill Champlin / June 2020

Bill Champlin

The former vocalist of Chicago and a legendary musician Bill Champlin is also known for joining forces with Earth, Wind & Fire for “After Love has Gone” and George Benson’s Turn Your Love Around.
Bill teamed up with Toto’s vocalist Joseph Williams and Sweden based guitarist/producer Peter Friestedt for the project CWF and released their 2nd studio album “CWF2”.
Past releases of Chicago and Toto might have led fans to expect CWF style as melodic and sophisticated and this album is not the one to disappoint them. Supreme melodies, smooth yet emotional vocal tracks by Bill and Joseph are displayed and Peter’s well thought guitar works maximize entire production.
Muse on Muse had a chat with Bill Champlin himself about the brand-new album “CWF2”

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Vol.109 Sonny Landreth / May 2020

Sonny Landreth

Photo by Greg Miles

The one and only flexible slide-bar maestro, Sonny Landreth speaks to people with his outstanding Blues Rock. He has released a studio album “Blacktop Run” for the first time in 5 years. He displays not only the signature slide play, but also talent as a vocalist and a song-writer who touches listeners. His highly regarded skill is even approved by the legend Eric Clapton when he played for Eric’s Crossroads festival. Muse On Muse had a chat with Sonny Landreth himself about the outstanding Blues Rock product “Blacktop Run”

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Vol.108 Trevor Rabin / April 2020

Trevor Rabin

Trevor Rabin is going to release a box set “Changes” which, is a summary of his career, includes his solo albums, early demos, unreleased live recordings and some of soundtracks he has done. Trevor is not only known as the main man behind the biggest hit of YES, “90125”, but also solo artist and a film composer who was in charge for music for numerous films- Bruce Wills’ “Armageddon” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “6th Day” to name a few. Remarkable melodies which Trevor himself created were delivered to the people worldwide and not be forgotten.
This box includes solo albums which Trevor has released, unreleased live recordings, Jack Frost soundtrack and demo tracks of YES ere, so fans are able to acknowledge how his music has evolved through those albums.
Muse On Muse had a chat with Trevor Rabin himself about this box set “Change”

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