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Vol.25 Joe Satriani / July 2013

Joe Satriani

Photo : Chapman Baehler

With his cutting edge performance and technique, the guitar master of the rock music industry, Joe Satriani leads the way with his 14th studio effort “Unstoppable Momentum”.
With top notch musicians such as bass player Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction, Slash), drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Sting), and keyboard player Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) participating as recording members, Joe Satriani delivers an amazing band sound, creating a collection of tunes with a variety of musical styles, stirring the listeners’ imagination.
Muse On Muse asks Joe Satriani about his new album “Unstoppable Momentum”.

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Vol.25 Joe Satriani / July 2013

Joe Satriani

Photo by Chapman Baehler

トップ・ギタリストとして時代の先端を走り続けるロック・ギター界の匠Joe Satrianiが通算14作目となるアルバム「Unstoppable Momentum 」をリリースした。
アルバム「Unstoppable Momentum 」についてジョーに訊いた。


Vol.140 Simon McBride / July 2024

Simon McBride

Photo by Jim Rakete

Legendary hard rock band Deep Purple is set to release their latest studio album, “=1.” This album marks the first studio effort featuring guitarist Simon McBride, who has joined the band following the departure of Steve Morse. Deep Purple has had an illustrious history of iconic guitarists, starting with the great Ritchie Blackmore, followed by Tommy Bolin, a temporary touring stint by Joe Satriani, and then Steve Morse. The addition of Simon McBride brings fresh anticipation and excitement for “=1.”
Ahead of the album’s release, music videos for “Portable Door” and “Pictures of You” have been unveiled. These tracks showcase Simon McBride’s unique guitar work, which not only retains the classic Deep Purple essence but also highlights his original style through precise backing guitar and emotionally charged, clever guitar solos.
We spoke with Simon McBride about his musical background, his encounter with Deep Purple, and the creation of their latest studio album, “=1.”

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Vol.139 Guthrie Govan / June 2024

Guthrie Govan

Photo by Jon Luini

Guthrie Govan (guitar), Bryan Beller (bass), and Marco Minnemann (drums) form the powerhouse trio known as THE ARISTOCRATS. Their latest concept album, “DUCK,” features a narrative centered around a duck protagonist. Interestingly, the story was not created first. Instead, each member composed three tracks independently, and these nine tracks were then woven into a cohesive nine-chapter tale.

With their deep knowledge of various music genres and exceptional technical skills, THE ARISTOCRATS create music that paints vivid, cinematic scenes. Their latest work stimulates the listener’s imagination and draws them deeply into the story. We had the opportunity to speak with Guthrie Govan about THE ARISTOCRATS’ new album “DUCK,” as well as his involvement in Hans Zimmer’s projects.

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Vol.132 Mike Keneally / March 2023

Mike Keneally

Photo by Martin Mann

The multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally is known as the guitarist for the late Frank Zappa band, his solo works, contribution for legends like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Devin Townsend and numerous others.
There are quite few multi role players who can sing, play guitar, keyboards, write and produce songs. But not many have exceptional skills to play for legendary artists like Frank Zappa band. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Mike also is a true magician about composing supreme melodies and took listeners to his own musical planet.
Mike recently released his brand new album “The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat”. The album consists of 9 songs and lasts only 42minutes so it is not the most lengthy album he has ever done but they are not average guitar songs, there are full of ideas, characters and pure musical niceness.
We had a chat with Mike Kenearlly himself about his brand new piece “The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat”

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Vol.129 Supersonic Blues Machine / September 2022

Supersonic Blues Machine

Photo by Enzo Mazzeo

The blues rock project. Supersonic Blues Machine consists of three members, Fabrizio Grossi, Kenny Aronoff and Kris Barras. Fabrizio is not only a bassist of the band, The multi-talented musician writes, produces, arranges and mixes for the band. The veteran drummer Kenny Aronoff is known for numerous works with legends like John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Jon Bon Jovi, Celine Dion to name a few. The gifted British Blues Rock enthusiast Kris is in charge of guitar/lead vocal of the band.
The Blues Rock experts are famous for their signature Blues Rock sound with unique edges which is backed by their skills and vast experiences. Their sprit and passion for their music attracts their fellow musicians and artists like Billy Gibbons, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Walter Trout has worked together for past projects of the band.
Their brand new album “Voodoo Nation” has been released in June, 2022 and the album featured excellent guest guitarists like Sonny Landreth, Kirk Fletcher, Eric Gales, Joe Louis Walker and Ana Popović. The sound of the band is merged together with ones from those collaborators under the Blues Rock spirit.
We had a chat with each members about the new record “Voodoo Nation”.

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Vol.115 Reb Beach / November 2020

Reb Beach

Photo by Brian Kaldorf Photography

Reb Beach developed his remarkable guitar techniques through his early career of being a studio musician for many big names. Since his debut for Winger in 1988, Reb gained his name as a promising guitar hero for next generation by his story-telling guitar play and signature phrasing which emphasize tracks largely. Then he joined bands/projects like Dokken, Whitesnake and his main band Winger. Reb has recently released Fusion Rock instrumental album “View From The Inside” which displays from a hypnotically catchy tracks to 70s style Fusion tracks to improvised tunes. His fans won’t ever be bored by Reb’s musicianship and the power of guitar through the musical journey which this record delivers in a beautiful way. Muse On Muse had a chat with Reb himself about his crucial Fusion Rock album “ View From The Inside”.

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