Vol.69 Trevor Rabin / -2- January 2017

Trevor Rabin

MUSE ON MUSE interviewed Trevor Rabin who is scheduled to play in Japan this coming April with fellow ex-YES members Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman as ARW (Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman). Trevor talks about his recent tour with Jon and Rick, 26 years since they shared the stage together on the 1991 YES reunion tour, as well as about future recording possibilities with ARW.

Interview / Text  Mamoru Moriyama

Translation         Louis Sesto (EAGLETAIL MUSIC)


Muse On Muse : You joined John and Rick on stage as ANDERSON, RABIN & WAKEMAN, after 26 years since the YES reunion tour in 1991. How was it touring with them again?
Trevor Rabin : It was great and gets better with every show.

MM : Which songs were performed on this tour? Tell us about the set list.
TR : It was a combination of different times in Yes history. Rick and I decided to put a fresh spin on everything, which made it quite exciting.

MM : Tell us how the current ANDERSON, RABIN & WAKEMAN project started.
TR : Jon started talking to me about 5 years ago. But I was always very busy with film projects. Then Rick and I met and talked,…we decided to clear our calendars. We’re very glad we did.

MM : Do you plan to record a studio album with ANDERSON, RABIN & WAKEMAN?
TR : We’re writing all the time. A number of record companies want an album. I have no interest in signing to a record company or doing an album. We are recording and will put out music when we’re ready, on our terms. The idea of signing to a record company and doing an album is old and depressing.

MM : Tell us about your pending solo album. We’ve heard that this will be a rock album with you taking over vocal responsibilities.
TR : I’m also about half way through a new solo project. I’ enjoying singing again.

MM : ANDERSON, RABIN & WAKEMAN has announced their Japan tour for April 2017. Please give a message to your fans.
TR : If our Japanese fans enjoy the shows as much as we’re enjoying performing them,…I think we’ll all have a great time.

Trevor Rabin official website : http://trevorrabin.net/
Trevor Rabin official facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Trevor-Rabin-426522697375493/