Luca Princiotta Column vol.3 Spellbound

Photo by Marko Vukovic

Hello folks!
Let’s keep on analyzing sections of my solo album. This time I play for you two licks and the main riff of the song Spellbound.
The guitar is tuned in standard E A D G B E tuning.

The first lick is a D major arpeggio played in sweep picking and tapping and it ends in a sixteenths sextets sequence in alternate picking. In the album version, the chord that is under this licks is G major so the arpeggio sounds like a G lydian.

The second exercise is a part of an improvisation that modulate from D minor 7 to F# major. I use some chromatisms to give a warm jazzy vibe.

Third example is the main riff of the song. It’s a funk-metal one so it has to be played with a nice “jumping” palm muting groove. The riff is based on a F# pentatonic minor scale combined with a F# m7b5 arpeggio.

Hope you enjoy this column!
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