Keith Scott Column issue #2 “Collecting guitars vs. actual needs”

Collecting guitars vs. actual needs

The idea of acquiring as many guitars and amps as financially and humanly possible can be the ultimate goal for a many a player professional or amateur, as is witnessed by the many instrument website blogs currently viewable on the world wide web..
A lot of bloggers claim to own several of their favorite models..
But the argument remains.. is it about quantity or quality?

Many of the past and present musical greats only needed one or 2 instruments to obtain terrific results for any recording or why the need for several?
It’s not not called GAS without  reason..Gear Acquisition Syndrome..
With the diversity of guitars and amps available on he marketplace today, so many choices offer up the idea of a banquet of smorgasboard proportions..
I am included in that group to some degree..but generally, being a guitar person in full work mode, urged me to try as much as, have i been a glutton at the buffet table of sound? Perhaps, but what a feast it’s been!
If at all possible, my advice is to try as much as you can in one lifetime. With moderation of course, since most of the major instrument makers products have their own unique sound qualities..(and detriments..) I think it’s worth to at least give them all a good listen..But the choice is up to you..Some players can get seemingly million sound ideas from a single instrument.and kudos to them..but for me, there’s nothing like switching out for a totally different feel to grab onto..
I have been to recording sessions where the other guitarists have brought at least 12 or more guitars and several amp choices to accommodate whatever the artist/producer may have in mind..Plus up to three separate pedal boards to plug into . Where does one draw the line though? How much are you willing to lug along with you?
I have tried to keep it simpler than that, but after a while you feel a bit of pressure to add as much as you can..Key to some success there for me is to provide as much as they ask you to. or perhaps just could say “this is my sound man”..!
That can work for some i suppose, but over the years of recording and performing, I think my tastes have changed and hopefully evolved as well, since as in gastronomical choices, I think the sonic ones can be stimulated just as easily and acutely!

Bon Apetit!

Keith Scott