Luca Princiotta Column vol.1 “String-skipping technique”

Photo by Tim Tronckoe

Hi everyone, it’s Luca Princiotta, guitarist of the german band DORO, leaded by the legendary singer Doro Pesch, and guitarist of Clairvoyants and now Luca Princiotta Band.

In this column I want to show you and exercise perfomed with the string-skipping technique. It’s a sequence of major, diminished and minor arpeggios. The starting key is C major. Then we move chromatically to C# diminished and then to D minor. We modulate to D major, then again we move chromatically to D# diminished end we end in E minor.
Pay attention to the alternate picking and the legatos. The combination of these two techniques will be essential for speeding up this exercise.

Hope you’ll enjoy the video!
Take care,